Tuesday, August 23, 2011


From August 21 through September 24, Mike and I are the same age. Every year. Then, he gets older. hehe. But I love an older man. And a man in uniform for that matter. :)

I just turned 28 on Sunday. Is it weird that at times I still feel like I'm 21. Not the imaturity but just that I'm have no idea where the years 23 through 27 went? Like, I don't remember really doing anything when I was 24. or even 25 for that matter. It's just blank. I guess that is what working does to you. Before kids, you just work and play sometimes. And the years just keep going by. Until you realize "how in the hell can I be nearing 30? I swear I just graduated college." And then you get the e-mail reminder of your 10 year high school reunion this month.

Where does the time go? What do you have to show for those years between high school graduation in June 2001 until today? Because you know everyone at the reunion is going to be trying to one up the other. I wont be attending the reunion. I live two states away. I wish I was though. Because I'm nosey. And sometimes I think people are full of shit on Facebook and that is all I have in ways of "keeping in touch" with some of them.

Weird how once Courtney was born I could probably tell you something that happened in my life every month in the last 14 months. Like on my 27th birthday we had planned to go out and grab a nice lunch but I ended up with my first clogged duct from nursing and it hurt so bad that I needed to stay home and massage my boob and feed Courtney every hour to get it to go away. Being a moms makes you stop and smell the roses again. Because you want to experience firsts through your childs eyes. It is truly amazing how life changes once you become a parent.

So cheers to being 28. Not yet 29 and two years from the dirty thirty!

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Sweet Craftikins said...

I feel the same way but because I've been by your side through the years you say you can't remember I will the the extra minute to help you remember, because that's what I do.

-You graduated from college
-Started working on your career
-Your boyfriend moved back "home" after working and training in WA
-You inherited a new best friend in 2005 ME
-You became a finance
-Got married
-Moved out of your parents home for the first time
-Honeymooned in Jamaica
-Planned and took a trip to Puerto Vallarta with MUAH and our husbands
-Took a few trips to Hawaii
-Became an Auntie
-Started a family with your fur-babies
-Successfully trained a dog! I remember you really struggled with one, LOL it was funny!
-Bought a new car
-Nice dinners at the Stinky Rose and Melting Pot
-Went on a cruise
-Lived in a cute home in Long Beach
-Moved to WA like a perfect costie wife with a smile on your face

I'm sure I could go on and on but I'm sure you're starting to remember. I mean how could anyone do ALL these things without a few years passing by.