Tuesday, August 2, 2011

{14 Months}

Oh 14 months, how you snuck up on me. Mike keeps saying "She's almost two" because he knows it drives me crazy. About as crazy as I drive him with the whole "14 months" thing. "She's 1" he says. I try to explain that their is a big difference between a 14 month 1 year old and a 21 month 1 year old. Oh well.

My sweet girl. I can see her grow and learn with every new sunrise. Like how she somehow magically learned not only how to sign please but now she says "peas" as well. Or how she can point out her nose, mouth and belly and says "nih nih" at bed time. Or tries to tickle my feet and then laughs about it. Wonder who she learned that from?

She had her first run in with a bitter at daycare and has the start of her first ear infection. Poop on both accounts.

Bottles are out and Playtex Insulator cups are in. Milk in the morning and at night.

As much as I hate to admit it, my baby is turning into an adventurous toddler who climbs onto chairs and likes to jump up and down and dance. She has a new obsession with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and she waves at Donald everytime he is on the screen. It's adorable.

At that Pedi today she weighed 23 pounds 3 ounces. With all the walking her weight is starting to slow (and drop a little). Not something of concern the Pedi says.

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