Tuesday, August 16, 2011

{I hate you teething}

Courtney has this amazing teething necklace. It's made from baltic amber and is supposed to be a natural pain reliever when worn near the sight of pain. Some people wear baltic amber bracelets for arthritis and such. Interested? Check out www.inspiredbyfinn.com for more information.

Well, a few weeks back I received a call from Courtney's daycare to let me know that the public health nurse wont allow Courtney to wear her necklace at daycare anymore because it is dangerous. Dangerous because the other kids are becoming interested in it and started pulling on it. Understandable. So we take it off when she goes to daycare - 5 DAYS A WEEK.

So, of course when she gets home I forget to put it back on. And have forgotten a lot recently. And top it off with the fact that our Pedi asked me to not let her sleep in it.

Well, my poor baby girl whose been sleeping through the night since she was 7 months, has been getting up 3-4 times at night crying in pain. Usually I can let her cry and she'll go back to sleep. Not this time. She gets so worked up that by the time she's lying back down, she's sniffling in her sleep. :(

She is working on her first molars right now. The top two seem to be through. One of the bottoms is working its way out right now and I can feel that the other bottom first molar is on its way.

Against the Pedis recommendation, we've been having her sleep in her necklace in hopes she'll get some relief. Any other recommendations for teething relief for my sweet baby girl?

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Crystal said...

If you aren't against it, Infant's Advil will help reduce swelling as well as pain. Lasts up to 6 hours which will help her stay asleep. It's a last resort, but a lifesaver at 2am!