Friday, September 2, 2011

When is enough enough?

Sweet baby Jesus in heaven. I HATE confrontation. Like HATE it. Most people know this. I am always afraid to hurt someones feelings. There was once a time when I was served raw chicken at a restaurant and I think I might have apologized for sending it back. True story.

Well, I've hit another bump in the "time to get real and rip someone a new one".
Ready for this? Courtney has been bit SEVEN times since starting her daycare. That is in less then 2 months. She usually receives one bite a week. Except for the day she had 3 bites in one day.

After the three bites in one day I talked to the Director and warned her we would take Courtney out if the problem wasn't resolved. After talking with her and realizing that it is the age we decided to give it another try. And not less then a week later, another bite. And then another.

This is just ridiculous. Since nothing is being done to keep hannibal away from my child, we have found a new home daycare that we are excited about. She has September to make it through and then we are done.

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Cruz Family said...

That is awful! That is a big problem! Good for you for standing your ground and taking her out. Not something you want her learning either! Yikes! So glad none of my kids have had that problem!