Wednesday, May 11, 2011

[What's in my bag?]

I've always been interested in what other people carry in their diaper bag. I've seen a few posts out in bloggy world, showing whats inside their carry-all. I've seen some great ideas and thought maybe I could help someone else who might say "that's a great idea."

My bag is a JJ Cole Technique in Red Flower.

Inside consists of:

1. Bib, 2. Hobo International Lauren wallet (in the market for something smaller. Any suggestions?), 3. Ziploc baggy (for the blowouts), 4. amy coe diapers & wipes case in chocolate swirl 5. LG env Touch (hate it), 6. Flip Ultra HD video camera (best thing ever invented), 7. Nuby straw sippy, 8. Formula dispenser, 9. Dreft stain pen, 10. Purell hand sanitizer, 11. Cherry chapstick, 12. extra pacifier (usually I have two of these for the times when one disappears on an aisle in Costco - true story), 13. Von Zipper Stache sunglasses, 14. take n toss spoon (not pictured: Dr. Browns 8oz bottle with water (for easy bottle mixing) and rubbermaid tupperware for cheerios or puffs (currently with child at daycare)

That's what's in my bag baby!


Ashley King said...

i always loved doing little diaper bag setups for new mommas however i know that preferences are always different. i swore by mylicon drops. Lewie was the gasiest baby ever and needed them after nearly every feeding. they used to have these clean n go wipes that were perfect for wiping binkies off or wiping their little faces. i also swear by the hand santizer. now, i usually have an extra outfit, or at least a jacket and an extra pair of socks. you just never know. i've left when it was warm and the sun was shining, with plans of heading right back home but ended up staying out far later than originally planned. these extra clothes come in handy now! =) i do also carry nutrigrain bars and trader joe o's and non-perishable snacks for the just in case times we are out and there is nothing to be found....

Stephanie said...

You are right Ashley - I am missing a few things. The extra pair of clothes is normally in there because that one time that you don't bring it, a diaper explosion happens. I'm not sure what happened to the pacifier wipes. We always had those but they have seemed to disappear as well. And a jar or two of baby food. My bag weighs a ton.

Cruz Family said...

Think of everything you have TIMES TWO. LOL, my bag is falling apart, literally. thanks for tempting me with your super cute bag... dang!