Sunday, May 8, 2011

[11 Months]

::faints from the thought of having a toddler soon::

The "they grow so fast" is absolutely true. My perfect little girl is throwing tantrums now. The stomp your feet and throw your head back to cry kind. Usually because she decided to try to take trash out of the kitchen trash and we take it away from her. I can't help but giggle most of the time, but I know soon enough I wont be laughing.

She does patty cake along with "roll it" and now blows kisses. She also gives big open mouth slobbery kisses.

She can tell you the sound a dog makes (she blows air out her nose to do it) and has recently started answering "what does a kitty say?" That consists of "ba" which I assume she thinks is similar to meow since kitties sound different than dogs.

She can stand without holding on but doesn't do it much.

She took two steps on Easter (with bribary) but prefers to crawl since she can get where she wants to go much faster that way. So i don't consider her "walking". I think the steps on Easter may have been a fluke.

She is working on two more top teeth for a total of four on top and two on bottom.

She waves (when she wants to). Last week when I was getting ready to leave her at daycare Miss Laurie told her to wave bye to me. She crawled over to me and stood up wanting me to pick her up. So I did. Then she proceded to wave bye to Miss Laurie. So cute.

She played tug of war with Daisy's toy and thought it was the funniest thing. Daisy was pulling her across the living room floor.

She still loves her veggies and also enjoys Kraft macaroni and cheese (no flames for feeding my 11 month old mac n cheese - it's a great first finger food).

One of her new favorite snacks is graham crackers.

She has also discovered sticking her finger up her nose.

Doing "roll it".

First time in the swimming pool.

Swimming with daddy!

Chubby arms.

[and the countdown begins to no longer having to buy formula - yay]

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