Monday, May 9, 2011

[My First Mother's Day]

We were out of town this past weekend, house hunting in our new city. We are transferring next month and had this one weekend to find our new place. Boy was that a wreck. We were there Friday through Sunday and visited three property management companies on Friday. They all had hardly anything that fit our needs and then informed us that they don't do showings on the weekends and that we need to make an appointment to see any place. After a bit of a panic attack, we decided that the first place we saw Friday morning was perfect for us and that we wanted to put in our application. This place we found on handy Craigslist. We signed the lease Saturday morning. check

Sunday morning I snuggled in the hotel bed with my baby girl and hubby and opened my Mother's Day cards. I was surprised that Mike remembered to take the cards with him or to buy any at all actually. Brownie points?

And then, I was even more surprised when he handed me a little white jewelry box. I had no idea when he had any time to go shopping. But inside were these puppies:


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Ashley King said...

score!!! go mike!! and lucky you!!! =)