Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh what fun!

I spent last weekend in Boston visting my sister, brother-in-law and my beautiful nieces. I had a blast. It was nice to relax, nap, and visit with my best friend. The trip was too short (4 days). Come Monday, I felt an itchy throat. Thought it just might be from the dry air on the airplane. Come Tuesday, cough begins. Come Wednesday, doctors appointment. The appointment was for an exam, I was to take the glucose test (tests for gestational diabetes - they test anyone over 25 early in pregnancy instead of waiting until 26 weeks), give blood (7 vials- OMG) and try to hear the heartbeat through a doppler. The exam and everything was good. Then the nurse pulled out the doppler and warned me that it may be too early to hear the heartbeat (I was 8 weeks 6 days) and that they usually can't hear it via doppler until 10-12 weeks. Well thank you baby Jesus, we have an overachiever. She FOUND it! It was really quiet, but beating in the 160s. Totally normal. I was so thrilled she found it and sad that Mike wasn't there to hear it. The nurse decided to take my temperature because I had the chills and she wanted to see if she could give me the ever so controversial H1N1 vaccine. My temp was 99.3. So she decided against giving me the shot and told me to come back in next week when I'm feeling better.

Come Thursday, I had a terrible nights sleep because my nose ran all night and being pregnant you can't take anything. So I took the day off work to rest (sort of - I still did a few things). I get a phone call from the nurse while I'm on the other line with a coworker. She leaves a message for me to call her back. My heart starts pounding. They said they would review my results with me at my next appointment. So I call back, hand shaking, and she informs me that I didn't pass the 1 hour glucose test. Fan-freakin-tastic. They want the results below 130 and mine was 135. So now I get to go do a 3 hour test that requires me to fast for 8 hours and sit in a lab and have my blood drawn once an hour. FUN!

I am now 9 weeks along and baby is the size of a green olive. I'd also like to add that baby is no longer considered an embryo and has graduated to a fetus. Woot woot!

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