Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Did you just eat my sea-band?

How is it that a dog can find the one thing that you've been relying on and decided to chew it up? That would be my sea-bands. She didn't chew them both. Just one. Anyone aware of the fantastic sea-band? Let me explain. Sea-bands are wristbands that exert pressure on the accupressure point on the wrist. They apparently help in alleviating nausea. Which I've come decide that I do have. At first I just felt "blah" after I ate. But it wasn't consistent. My friend Jenni always told me that morning sickness (which I've learned ranges from nausea to full on vomiting)always felt like a hangover to her. Well, I wasn't feeling hungover so I assumed the feeling was just in my head. But four days later and sitting at my computer I would feel a little bit of that watery mouth, headache, I don't feel good feeling. Nothing yet to the point of...I think I'm going to vomit. So I pulled out the sea-bands that I had on hand. And two days later I found one chewed up on the living room floor. Thanks Daisy!

So Mike took me to Rite-Aid yesterday after we went grocery shopping and I searched the store for the sea-bands. Ten minutes later I find myself on the antacid and laxitive aisle. How did they decided that anti-nausea medication fits in between heartburn and constipation/diarrhea? As of right now I have neither of those pregnancy symptoms but I may come to understand Rite-Aids decision later down the line.

Today I am 6 weeks 6 days and actually am feeling pretty good. I always start to feel a little quesy when it's been awhile since I last ate and unfortunately not everything sounds good to me. I have to really feel up to eating something to eat it. Like last nights homemade burritos with spanish rice and beans. Hit the spot as did this morning halloween colored donut that I picked up at the grocery store last night.

Well that's it for now. Less then a week until my first ultrasound. Thoughts and prayers that baby is doing well and has a strong heartbeat.

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