Monday, November 2, 2009

Yumm Yumm Glucola!

It was 6:30am, I had fasted all night and I was ready to get the 3 hour glucose tolerance test out of the way. As I believe I mentiioned in my previous post, I didn't pass the 1 hour test I took in the doctors office last Wednesday. So today's test took 4 hours and 15 minutes and I had to stay there the whole time. They took my blood right when I arrived and then 45 minutes later I was given a bottle of glucola (which contains 50 grams of glucose). Once I was finished drinking it, they drew my blood once an hour for 3 hours. I'd like to say I'm pretty good with having blood drawn but having to prick your arm twice in the same vain is not so fun. Especially when the nurse is so close to a nerve that you feel it. I'm glad it's over and I finally got out of the office at 10:45am.

Now I sit and wait for the results. I'm praying that I pass.

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