Sunday, October 27, 2013

Life update: October 2013

Last weekend as I rested at home, Mike took Courtney out to the pumpkin patch. If you know me, you know I hate missing things like this. But thankfully Mike took our Canon camera and took lots of pictures for me. He was Dadarazzi that day. When they got home Courtney also got a chance to paint a pumpkin.

Last Sunday I turned 31 weeks (I'm 32 weeks today). I took Monday as a sick day because I didn't feel like I had received enough rest over the weekend. At about 10:30am I called my doctors office because I was having some Braxton hicks contractions and was feeling a little anxious about it. They sent me to Labor & Delivery to be monitored. I was hooked up to the monitors to listen to their heartbeats and to check for contractions, they checked my cervix for dilation (still high, thick and closed...Amen!) and then also did a fetal fibronectin (fFN) test (A negative result on the fFN test means it's highly unlikely that you'll give birth in the next week or two, which can set your mind at ease and allow your practitioner to hold off on treatments that may not be needed. A positive result, on the other hand, is not as useful. It means you're at a higher risk of giving birth early, but it doesn't guarantee that you're about to give birth or that you'll deliver early at all, so it won't help your practitioner decide how to manage your situation.)

As far as contractions go, I had 4 the whole hour I was monitored. I felt two of them. Just tightening in my belly, no pain. As for my fFN test, it came back negative. So I was sent home to remain on modified bedrest and continue doing what I'm doing. I saw my doctor that Wednesday and she said everything looked great and to just hang in there. At 31 weeks 3 days I am up 24 pounds and my belly is measuring 35 weeks.

On Friday, Courtney got to wear her Halloween costume to ballet and they learned a little Monster Mash dance to share with the parents at the end of class. It was so cute. Courtney was so concerned about staying on her spot that she missed quite a few moves. It was adorable.

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