Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Getting ready for Easter!

Easter comes pretty early this year. Just two weeks after Saint Patrick's Day! So this past weekend, while my mom was visiting (YAY!!!!!) we went and had some photos taken to celebrate the upcoming holiday.

Who is that big girl?

We had talked up the Easter bunny for days, looked at pictures of him online and she was pretty certain that she wasn't scared. When we got there, a little girl was crying histerically so we waited back a little bit so she wouldn't see the other girl freaking out. When we finally stepped up in line, the family in front of us was taking for-ev-er to pick their pictures. So the bunny stood up from the chair to wave at Courtney. That was it. A 5-6 foot bunny rabbit standing up, scared the bejesus out of her. So with the recommendation of the photographer, I got in the shot too. I tried to have her sit next to him herself, but that wasn't going to happen.

Courtney Weekly 2013 - Week 10