Monday, October 29, 2012

Say what?

This little one has a bit of a cold and is home with me today. Last night after we got home from having our fall family photos taken, we cuddled up in our jammies with a warm blanket before bedtime. I wrapped Courtney up in a soft blanket and said "how's that feel?" and her response "Comfy cozy."
I just love it when she picks up on things we say and repeats them in context. Last weekend we took a drive up towards Mount Baker to grab some lunch. We took Daisy with us. When we got back in the car after lunch Courtney says to Daisy "You alright back there booshie?" Daisy was in the back of the Xterra. Booshie is a nickname we have for Daisy (a nickname we've used on my parents dog as well.)

I couldn't stop laughing. She really does crack me up sometimes.

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