Monday, October 15, 2012


I had my hair done this past Saturday and decided to do a little something different. First I thought I would cut my hair, its the longest its been since I got married 6 years ago. Then I thought, hmmmm...maybe I'll cut bangs. Then my stylist asked how I do with bangs and I said "I usually pin them back" so that was out. Then I thought maybe, just maybe I could pull off an ombre look. I searched pinterest hi and low for an ombre I liked. Not one that was too drastic or too bright. Being a brunette it can be a little difficult. So I sent my stylist this picture and we went with it.
There is no doubt about it, it is scary doing something where you are making yourself have roots. After we washed out the color and went back to the chair I was a little scared to look in the mirror. But I actually really like it. And I'm really glad I kept the length. My mom actually commented that my hair looked like extensions its so long. haha
The old, take a picture in the car trick. ;-)

And this is this morning after I curled it with my curling rod.

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