Monday, July 11, 2011

{13 Months}

This post is a little late but I want to fill you all in on a few new things Courtney is up to.

1) She now signs "please". We are working on "thank you" but she gets that one confused with blowing a kiss. Her other signs are much clearer now "more", "all done", "milk", "hungry/eat/snack" and "please".

2) She says "juice". (as well as "Daisy"...did i mention that last month?)

3) No more crawling. Only walking. {bring on the bruised knees and shins}

4) She has been teething {enter cranky} since she is working on three more teeth.

5) We've cut back her afternoon bottles. Those are now sippys and she really doesn't drink much milk from them, Ugh. We cut out bottles all together for a few days but she's been sick for a day or so and wasn't drinking very many fluids so I gave her a "baba" before bed tonight and she sucked it down.

6) She started her new daycare last week. They said she did great and they wish they could clone her. :) But on the other hand, she's already sick and missed daycare today. :(

And without further ado, some recent photos of my 13 month old.

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