Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What's in a name?

Lets talk a little about names today. Mike and I have been together for quite sometime and for many years we knew that when we had children, our #1 boy name would be Trevor. Ok now ladies, we still love this name so no stealing. ;-) Girls names on the other hand were not so easy. Mike is pretty traditional when it comes to names and most names I threw out there for girls he would shoot down. Examples: Peyton (his response: Peyton Manning), Reese (his response: you grew up with people pronouncing your last name as Reese and you hated it). You get the picture. We had two girls names that we both said we liked and that was Nicole and Courtney. I still love the name Nicole but am not a huge fan of the nickname Nikki and I just know that if we were to name the baby Nicole, she would be called Nikki and I wasn't Ok with that plus, I loved Courtney more. So we agreed that Courtney was her name. Now on to middle names. If we had that much trouble with a first name, how were we going to decide a middle name? I loved Elizabeth (and loved it for a first name too) but that is my niece Riley's middle name. We would have used Leigh, which is my sisters middle name, but she stole that one too for my niece Raegan.

I mentioned to Mike quite a few times that we could use Nicole as her middle name but he didn't want to "waste" the only two names we agree on in case we have another girl in the future. So we sat down and discussed Holland. For those of you that don't know, my dad's side of the family is from the Netherlands and we still have family over in Amsterdam. Mike and I had discussed using the name Holland as a first name for awhile (she'd be Holly for short) but I guess my tradiotional side came out in this discussion and I wasn't open enough to give her a name that people may or may not give the side eye to. You know, when you ask someone what their childs name is and your only response is "Cute" while your wondering why the hell they chose that but didn't have the guts to ask? I was afraid that is what Holland (as a first name would do). So after some discussion and not wanting to just pick a middle name from a list that had no meaning, we decided to use Holland as her middle name and we love it.

So a few weeks after learning that we were indeed having a little girl, we chose to name her Courtney Holland.


Ashley King said...

i like that you went into your discussion. it's always interesting to know where names came from and how you guys agreed upon the name.

oh i'm CERTAIN i TOTALLY get the stink eye for Lewie's name. It's Lewis. Lewis Raymond.
I love Jack. but with a last name like King, jason would not do that to our son "Jack King" = Jacking.... he said boys would be far too mean to him. i liked Jackson and we could just call him Jack. He said Jackson's a fairy name and that people would still call him Jacking.... literally, the night before Lewie was born, i almost had him convinced to go with Jack.... (whatever the first name was, we knew the middle name would be Raymond, as all first born son's middle name is Raymond on his side)

Lewis is my father's name, and he passed away in 2007. when Lewie was born, i was highly medicated and couldn't be the one to choose the name. i told jason to look at him and pick the name. He chose lewis. we knew we'd call him Lewie. His pediatrician calls him King Lewie (that's how it's written on the medical chart. last name first, first name last.) =)

i think you guys picked a great name. Before i got to the part about you suggesting Nicole as the middle name, i was totally saying to myself "what about Nicole for the middle name?" hee hee.

don't ever be ashamed about the name you pick. after all, it's YOUR child to be named. Can't wait for the sweet little Courtney's grand entrance!

Jenni Newman said...

It doesn't matter what others think, and their sideways eyes, there is history behind it and that's what makes a fantastic name.

I'm praying for boys next so we can have our TnT! No discussions will be needed!!

Ms. Christina said...

I def understand how difficult it is choosing a name cause you want it to have meaning and then there's so much behind it. You choose right in my opinion. Very cute name!

On the other hand, I won't share ideas of our future kids names cause I once told someone and then it happened to be their middle name. I know totally dumb, but hey. LOL!