Monday, April 19, 2010


This was stolen from friend and fellow blogger Ashley at "Our Journey Begins, as The Kings....".

a. area code: 562 although I live in the 360. We just kept our cell phone numbers so we will remain 562.

b. bed size: Cal King. My favorite thing in the world. How people sleep in anything smaller I don't understand. I <3 my bed.

c. chore you hate: Folding laundry.

d. dog's name: Daisy

e. essential "start of the day" item: Breakfast (my favorite meal of the day). Today I had two bowls of Fruit Loops.

f. favorite color: Pink

g. gold or silver: White gold

h. height: 5'4"

i. instruments you play: None. I played a little violin in elementary school but I sucked. Lets hope Courtney gets her musical talent from her dad.

j. job: Procurement Analyst. Sounds fancy huh? It's not.

k. kids: One on the way!

l. living arrangements: 3 bedroom house with Mike, Daisy and Jenna.

m. mom's name: Real name is Gloria but she goes by Sue. I call her Mom. ;)

n. nickname: Steph but I was also Feffy when I was little since little kids had trouble saying my name. My oldest niece called me Snephny for awhile, but now I'm Auntie Steph.

o. overnight hospital stay: None yet. Have a feeling I'll have my first one in say 7-8 weeks or so.

p. pet peeve: The sound of nail clippers.

q. quote from movie: "Your mom goes to college." Please tell me everyone knows what this is from?

r. righty or lefty: righty

s. siblings: One older sister.

t. time you wake up: Sometime between 6 and 6:15am. Alarm goes off at 5:50am but I hit snooze about 2 times.

u. underwear: Yes.

v. vegetables you dislike: Green bell peppers.

w. ways or reasons you are late: traffic. I'm usually on time.

x. x-rays: teeth

y. yummy food you make: I'd like to say I'm good at Corned Beef and Cabbage.

z. zoo animals you like: Bears and giraffes


Ashley King said...

fun!! =) i LOVE green bell peppers!

Kim said...

Hahaha i literally cracked up laughing at "Your mom goes to college" LOL Jeff however does not get it and can not stand the movie. Why am I even marrying him LOL JK!!!

Stephanie said...

KIM!!!! I miss you! "Your mom goes to college" goes along with "That aint not etch-a-sketch. This is one doodle that can't be undid homeskillet."