Friday, March 2, 2012

What is this 5:30am stuff?

For the last week/week and a half Courtney has decided that she'd like to get up at 5:30am. The kid knows how to open her door, and then proceeds to shout from her gate "Mommy, where are you?" Sometimes its "Daddy, where are you?" Ok, so this melts my heart and all but not at 5:30am. When Mike is home he can get her to lay back down for another hour or so. But the minute she sees me come to her door, she runs to her bed to grab her blanket and her pillow to lay in our bed.

Luckily I got her back down this morning. Thank you baby Jesus for having that "boppy" close by. By the way, Boppy is what Courtney calls her pacifier.

But on some mornings its party time and she just wants to lay in our bed and watch Mickey Mouse. I feel like this new regular of hers is going to turn into something I regret really soon.

Oh yeah, and that "baby" of ours. She turned 21 months yesterday. I've got 91 days to plan a Minnie Mouse party!

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