Thursday, March 22, 2012

[Another fun parenting first]

We've had the poop in the tub. A few times actually. Once last week to be exact. But that isn't what I'm talking about.

How about a little (or a lot) of puke at the dinner table, at a restaurant, in PUBLIC.

Oh joy. My poor little girl. She didn't know what was happening. And I think Mike and I sort of stared in shock at first. A shout out to our friend Matt who grabbed her out of her highchair while she continued to puke. We ran to the bathroom to clean her up. She kept looking at me with wonder.

She made it all the way home (no puke in the car. yipee) but she puked again on the front porch. She went straight to the bath, then she slept in our bed for awhile. She didn't throw up again.

Sadly, I know this wont be the last time I deal with this. I'm just truly glad she is feeling better (and a little glad it wasn't on the carpet at home or in my car. just being honest).

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Debbie and John said...

Poor little bug. :( I bet John and I would have frozen in disbelief if Landen randomly started puking too. Hope it doesn't happen again for a very long time. That picture of you guys is totally cracking me up!

P.S. I'm glad your carpet and car were spared!