Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{We're a sick bunch}

Over the weekend Courtney came down with her second hit with Hand, Foot and Mouth. Not to be confused with Hoof and Mouth. We were aware that another child from daycare had it the week prior so we knew to keep an eye out for it. It first appeared as a small diaper rash and then spread like wildfire all over Courtney. We went to the doctor on Monday where we got two creams. The viral infection (which is what HFM is) also attacked her exzema so that flared up bad too. Poor thing.

So she's home with me for the next few days until the rash clears up. I'm also sick and still working from home. I'm exhausted. Oh yeah, and it's snowing. Bad. So we aren't leaving the house either.

You can see in this picture the HFM on her face. :(

And what our family room looks like at the moment.

Oh yeah, and you can see in the previous picture Daisy is wearing the cone of shame. She had hematoma ear surgery last Friday.

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Sweet Craftikins said...

Ugh, so sad. I hope you, Daisy and Courtney all get better soon! When it rains it pours or is it When is snows it blizzards? hmmm...
Get well soon?