Thursday, January 12, 2012

{Things that melt your ice cold heart}

Last night Courtney and I headed to the bank to deposit some dolla dolla bills y'all. After our transaction I grab her a dum dum sucker that they have sitting on the counter. I strap her into her carseat and hand her the sucker. And what does my just barely 19 month old say to me? "Thank you Mommy." It works. It really works. Teaching your kids manners young.

So as she finishes up her sucker I put my arm back and ask her to hand me the sucker stick since she's devoured the candy. And what does she say? "No ma'am."


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Carolyn @ Our Precious Jas said...

That's so funny but so cute that she's polite about it. I agree, teaching your kids manners at a early age really works. I have 3 and i've learned to start earlier and earlier with each one :)