Tuesday, February 22, 2011

99 days!

We are in the double digits now. We have 99 days until Courtney turns ONE! And because I have nothing better to do out here in the Pacific Northwest, the party planning is in full swing. For close family and friends who read this, you will be thrilled to know that we will be holding Courtney's party back at home in California so you all can be there.

And the theme will be something along the lines of a BEE-Day! I'm so excited about this party, but on the inside am so sad that my baby is turning one. Maybe I'll need #2 sooner rather than later. ;-) I'm just kidding. No seriously. I'm totally kidding.

Courtney is getting so good at standing up. I'm afraid she'll walk before we know it.

And another picture zoomed in. Other than her runny nose she had that weekend, you can see her two teeth that she has now!

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