Wednesday, February 2, 2011

[8 months]

My baby girl turned 8 months yesterday. She is growing so fast and as sad as I am to watch her near toddlerhood (OMG), I am excited to see more of who she becomes and watch her blossom into a walking, talking little girl (sorta). ;-)

Things she does:
- Pulls herself up (in her crib, on her toys, in the bathtub :-o)
- Will stand for a short time unassisted
- Has a good pincher grasp down. She picks up her puffs and feeds herself.
- Does good with her sippy cup
- Still army crawls with a few up on her hands and knees
- Sits up on her own
- Plays patty cake and peek-a-boo
- Says "mama" indiscriminately
- Is working on her bottom two teeth and taking it like a champ
- Sleeping through the night (wohoo)
- Eating three solid meals a day and 4 bottles
- Loves finger foods such as puffs, mum mums and yogurt bites

My sweet baby is growing up. And first birthday party planning is in full swing!

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