Monday, January 17, 2011

Piggies and Paws!

For all you mommy's out there. I have a recommendation for you. While vacationing at home in California I took Courtney to an independant artist for Piggies and Paws. They take handprints or footprints and turn them into art. We looked through book after book until we found the perfect design. I knew I wanted Courtney's handprint since all I had was her footprints. And there it was, staring back at me. A little handprint made into a cupcake. It even had "C is for...". I had to have it. So our independant artist took Courtney's handprint. Three days later I had this adorable piece of art that was an adorable cupcake made with Courtney's handprint and it said "C is for Courtney". Although I'm not allowed to post a picture of it due to copyright, you can check out the Piggies & Paws website to see a few examples. I paid $30 and now it hangs on our hallway wall for everyone to see.

Check them out at and search for an artist near you!

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Bixler Brood said...

I love Piggies and Paws!!! I had a old woody car with Connor's foot prints in the picture done. SUPER CUTE!!