Thursday, May 20, 2010

14 days to go!

I had my "38 week" appointment and Mike was able to go with me. I've made no additional progress since last week and my blood pressure in the office was 160/92. Seriously...this is getting ridiculous. Today is my third NST at the hospital and I get another ultrasound to check my amniotic fluid. My blood pressure in the hospital is completely normal and it stays at around 118/60 (give or take).

Courtney was lazy yesterday so I actually had to do kick counts. Normally she moves so often that doing kick counts aren't necessary but she was just a little too quiet yesterday. So Mike and I had dinner at Jeremiah's BBQ in town. They serve sweet tea and I knew that the caffeine and sugar would most likely get her moving. And it did. I'm supposed to feel 10 kicks within 2 hours after eating. By the time I was finshed with dinner, I had already marked her moving 6 times. What a relief. And what a brat for making me worry.

After my appointment yesterday, I headed to the receptionist's desk to schedule my next two appointments (39 and 40 weeks). They had me marked down to see Dr. Brooke for my next appointment (39 weeks) and Dr. Bush for my 40 week appointment. When they went to schedule my 40 week appointment the receptionist says "We'll have to swap doctors for those weeks because Dr. Bush wont be here that week." What? The doctor that I really like will be on vacation the week I'm due? That freakin sucks. Not that I have anything against Dr. Brooke but I've always had male doctor's and just feel more comfortable with him. He is from Southern California and used to live in Newport Beach. Not only that, the nurse at the hospital that I like is his wife. That means she'll be gone too. Ugh! Oh well!

Here is my 38 week belly picture (taken at 37w6d). Even putting on makeup does me no good. I still look tired and huge.

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