Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Question for mommies that breastfed...

I've been reading about breastfeeding lately and had no clue that it is recomended that you shouldn't introduce a bottle or a pacifier for the first month or so to avoid nipple confusion. What? I'd like to give breastfeeding a shot but would also like to pump so that Mike will be able to feed the baby with a bottle as well. I'm also not opposed to pacifiers so I planned to have those as well. If you breastfed, what was your experience with bottles and pacifiers? When did you introduce them? Was there any issues with nipple confusion? I know this is just me being new to all this but from what I remember with my sister and a few girlfriends that breastfed, they didn't wait a month to introduce these things. Am I just being a worry wort?

Your thoughts are appreciated!


Jenni Newman said...

You know me! I'm always happy to share my experience and opinion!
I wanted to breastfeed and bottle feed as well as have a pacifier. Avent worked perfectly for me! Their bottle nipples as well as their pacifiers prevented any confusion. I tried other brand of pacifiers but the suction just wasn’t the same. I would suggest to go with a bottle company that also had their own line of pacifiers. Heidi was breastfeeding (with help from the lactation nurse) and on a pacifier since day one. I also went to La Leche classes with Heidi to learn how to breastfeed more comfortably for the both of us. I believe we introduced a bottle by the third or fourth day after I got the pumping thing down which took some time to get use to. Of course every baby is different and it's truly a team effort between the two of you so patience is a must. I also think determination is key too, I remembering saying that I wanted to give up because it was hard, or uncomfortable and even an inconvenience but I knew I was doing what was natural so I was able to keep it up.
Since we’re on the topic I’ll give you a little pointer about formula. Be sure the check the labels. I automatically chose the brand that the hospital used and quickly realized that it was far too expensive then I reverted to the Sam’s Club gentle brand. I choose the gentle brand thinking that anything I could do to make her life easier I’d do it and this would help out. Well, Matt quickly pointed out that the gentle brand had a lot more sodium in it which ultimately made her more dehydrated and hungry resulting in over feeding. Anyway my point is just pay attention to the labels, the brand doesn’t matter as much as the labels do.
-Sorry so long!

Bixler Brood said...

I breastfed Connor and tried using a pacifier but the kid didn't want one!! The hospitals even give the baby a vanilla scented soothie pacifier (breastfeeding or not). You do what works for baby!! Yes, have some pacifiers on hand and bottles are no problem either!

PS. I am just SO happy that you are having a baby!!! I know how much you've wanted one, what a blessing!

Ashley King said...

awwww! yeah, to each their own Steph! it's so hard to have everyone's input, but Jenni and Shelbie gave helpful pointers.... i think that whatever works for you and baby is the route to go.... some babies don't breastfeed very well, so don't feel like you've failed if you don't! if breastfeeding IS the route you want to go, the hospitals have TONS of support groups and nurses for that! if you find that baby is fussy, you can try pacifiers to see if they work.... With Taylor, she Taylor, she breastfed for about a week, had a taste of a bottle when i was sick and never went back to breastfeeding again (and loved her pacifiers).... Lewie breastfed within minutes of being born and had NO problem latching at all... he took bottles and pacifiers and anything you'd give him.... my point is, that all babies are different.... and some babies are self soothers, others aren't.... whatever works best for baby AND YOU is what you should do! =) again, everyone who gives advice, it's just from their own experience, or their own opinion.... lots will be helpful, others won't apply to you at all... it's okay to be a worry wart!!! =) whatever it is, you'll be just fine! =)

congrats again on baby!!!

Ashleigh said...

With Connor while we were in the hospital he was exclusively breastfed, but one we got home, He was both bottle and breast because I wasn't able to produce enough milk for him. But as he was going back and forth he didn't have any nipple confusion, we were using the Dr. Browns bottles. As for pacifiers we didn't start those until we noticed him sucking on his bottom lip alot almost giving himself a fat lip so we introduced the binkies, and he took right to them with still no nipple confusion. But like everyone else said before to each their own, every baby is different.

Kathlynn said...

Better late then never :)

The reason it is recommended not to use a paci or bottle is mainly because it can hurt your production. When a baby has a need to nurse or suckle, not only it is giving them nourishment and comfort, it is also triggering your body to produce more milk. So, if you give a false nipple it takes that stimulation from your body, which can lead to a low milk supply.

Also, bottles are not designed to recreate the milk flow of your breast. When a baby breastfeeds it takes a good bit of effort to cause a letdown at your breast, it doesn't at the bottle. The first few weeks babies don't want to work if they don't have to ;) so if you give a bottle with a fast flowing nipple it can cause frustration at the breast when you don't "flow" as fast. If you decide to give occasional bottles (which is what I do!) you may want to look into the Breastflow bottle from The first years. It has a double chamber nipple that requires a bit more work than a regular one.

And don't worry about Mike not being able to bond over a bottle in the first 2-3 weeks. There are so many chances to bond with rocking, singing, comforting, diaper changes......and being up all night :) Eric and I shared all of the responsibilities, except feeding, the first few weeks. is where I speak with forked tongue. If Courtney wants a pacifier, give it to her. When Wyatt was 6 days old we starting using a soothie. He had a HUGE need for sucking, like a super high suck need. I talked to my LC and she agreed that it was fine to use one because my nipples needed a break. The best things that you can do is take the prenatal breastfeeding class, find out if your hospital has a Lactation Consultant on staff, and surround yourself with women who have had good breastfeeding experiences!

And that ends my extremely long rant!