Thursday, December 31, 2009

18 weeks and a poll!

Not much news this week. I'm showing a little more, although I still think that to outsiders I just look like I need to put down the Budweiser. Supposedly 18 weeks is the beginning of month 5 :jaw hits floor: Still no movement (waaa!!!) but am on the edge of my seat waiting until January 13. The big day! Speaking of the big day, please direct your attention to the poll to your left. Take a shot at guessing what baby W is and then leave me a comment with what you chose.

Here are a few things that may help in your decision:
1) Chinese Gender Chart says Boy (
2) No morning sickness (aka vomitting) yet I was really nauseous for 3 weeks (Yuck!)
3) Milk - Oh how I love you!
4) Pickles - Shout out to you too!
5) Mommy intuition is broken. I've had no dreams of what this baby is.
6) Acne - oh aren't you fun?
7) I come from a family of girls (me and sis) and my sister has two girls.

Now vote!


Jenni Newman said...

I voted for a little man. You deserve to be the first at something!! I need a little man in my life to shake things up a bit. We already know the girls soften Mike's heart but I want to see Mike lay down that law, you'll have a sweet angel at the dinner table and a terrizer in the backyard making mud pies and climbing trees! Brown hair with blue/green eyes and a devilish little smile that will seal the deal with the Grandmas!

Stacy said...

Even though I may possibly be feeling a girl, Matt says boy since you are craving pickles which are salty, not sweet. Either way, I can't wait to spoil him/her! Love you guys!


Bixler Brood said...

The Chinese gender chart was correct for both my boys, that's why I say BOY for you too!

Ashley King said...

i'm going with shelbie, because she was the one who told me about the chinese gender chart and mine was right too!

do you have a preference?
any names picked out yet for either one?

hope you're feeling well! and p.s. 3 weeks of morning sickness is hardly anything compared to the 9 month sickness some people get! consider yourself lucky!!! =)

hang in there sweetie! can't wait to find out what you're having!

Kim said...

I said Boy...not sure why I feel that way I just do!! :)

Melanie said...

GIRL GIRL GIRL GIRL!!!! Just like you and stace and riley and reagan!

Mom and Dad said...

Mom says Girl
Dad says break the mold Boy

sammy said...

im saying boy! 2010 is they year of the boy.. at least thats what i think! Im so exciteds for the 13th to come!!! Mia needs a boy toy! lol..