Saturday, August 31, 2013

2400 Miles

A whole year before we were scheduled for a transfer, Mike was offered a position he had been wanting since before our last transfer. Because this wasn't a "planned" transfer we weren't given the normal 6-7 months times to prepare.

We found out in April that Mike got the position and he had to report in June. So we had about 2 months to prepare to move to good ol' TEXAS! We had already planned our trip down to California for Courtney's birthday so we were quite busy in June.

The week after we got back from California, Mike loaded up his car and took a road trip with our friend Matt down to Texas. Once he arrived. he had just about a week to find us a place to live. Something I don't think we'll ever do again, not find a place to live before we get there. The rental market in Texas goes crazy fast.

Courtney and I stayed back in Washington for another week or so. Our friend Jenni (Matt's wife, how nice are they to do that for us?) then flew up and took the road trip with Courtney and I from Washington to California. Along that trip Courtney, Jenni and I stopped to visit Mike's grandparents who we try to see when we can. It felt really good to have Courtney spend some time with her Great Grandparents. Not all kids have that opportunity.

After less then a week in California, we headed off to Texas with a quick stop in Arizona to visit my Grandma and family. This leg of the road trip my parents went with us. So glad she was also able to spend some time with another Great Grandma. We were celebrating her birthday!
The entire trip from California to Texas took 3 days. It was a LONG trip, especially being pregnant and with a 3 year old. But we finally made it to our new home.

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