Friday, August 24, 2012

Sears, oh Sears!

We've been using Sears Portrait Studio for small photo shoots since Courtney was 15 months. Remember this?
This was taken at good ol Sears! And I loved it. So we bought the Sears Super Saver Card and have been going every 6 months or so for a small shoot. After that 15 month shoot, we went back to capture her in her Halloween getup.
So even though we had booked a professional photographer for family and 2nd birthday photos, for less then $10 I could have some taken with the BIG 2. We went in May to have them taken (I was hoping to have them back in time to frame some at her party). A week after I placed my order they called to say the order had been lost. I had to go back in and redo my order. It took another 10 weeks before I got the call that my photos were in. For less then $10 I really wasn't in a hurry to get them back and I wasn't really in love with them either. So there's that too. But here they are:

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