Thursday, May 10, 2012

[Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens]

I haven't done one of these posts, like ever I don't think (maybe baby stuff, but eh, that was awhile ago). So I thought I might do a post of "a few of my favorite things."

Lets get started!

1) Rosebud Salve

2) Curling Rod (purchased at the LA County Fair years ago - but recently getting more use)

3) My Fitness Pal ( A free online weight loss and exercise journal. I've been on it for 12 weeks, have lost 3 pounds and find it so motivating. Check it out. I WAS going to re-join Weight Watchers but was so glad I checked this out. And its FREE!

4) eos Pomegranate Raspberry Shave Cream- makes my skin so soft and smells so good.  Wal-Mart

5) Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor - I just got this as an early Mother's Day present but I love it. It monitors your heart rate (duh?) during a workout and then tells you how many calories you burned. This works so well with what I'm doing on My Fitness Pal. Don't believe what the cardio machines at the gym tell you.

6) Sunshine - I'm a Cali girl at heart, but living in the Pacific North West. The weather is changing. The sun stays out longer (I repeat), the SUN stays out longer. We play outside after I get off work. We play at the park without a parka. It's supposed to be 75 on Mother's Day. Hallelujah!

Taken Sunday during a drive (with the sunroof open)!

7&8) Etsy and Pinterest - no explanation needed.

9) Nook Tablet - how did I almost forget this one? Love this thing.

10) Fifty Shades of Grey - It's a book. Check it out!

I saved the best for last - my love bug!

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