Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's been awhile.

I've taken a bit of a blog break. I felt like I may have been putting too much of our day to day out on the interwebs and I just felt like some of the stuff I discussed may need to stay more close to home. So I took a step back and it has felt great. But, my daughter is growing yo! BIG. She's 16 months now. I know, right?

So here is what my little muffin is up to these days.

- Talking. Mo (more), pesh (please), ya you (love you), appu (apple), ball, yesh (yes), up, no (that one is fun ::rolls eyes::), nih nih (night night), bye bye. That's all the new ones I can think of.

- She started a new daycare and is so happy. (so are we!)

- Um, is my kid blonde? (see below)

- Working on using utensils with meals.

- 24 pounds

With her cousin Lily (3 months)

From Left: Heidi, Lily, Courtney, Clare and Stella.

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Ms. Christina said...

I too, took a step back from blogging. Purposely. But, thank you for sharing your latest! Courtney is beautiful and is growing up! Quickly, I might say.