Friday, June 24, 2011

I hate moving!

This is a problem since we are a military family and we'll be moving every 3-4 years for the next 10 - 11 years. Mike is a Boatswains Mate in the US Coast Guard and plans to retire after his 20 years. So we have some additional moves ahead of us.

Well we just made our second move. Luckily it was a short move, only about two hours away. The nice thing about a military move is that they pack, wrap, load, move and unpack for you. This still requires you to find where to put all the crap you've accumulated over the last few years.

I think the hardest thing though is the financial strain. You know, the first months rent, last months rent and deposit required to move in. Ugh! That sure does take a hit to your savings account until you get settled. Plus cancelling water, trash, electricity, gas, cable, internet and phone. Then setting it back up in your new place with the added setup fees.

Oh yeah, and then finding a new daycare provider. That is something we didn't have to worry about last time. We thought that since we moved from a small town to a bigger city we would have more options. Well that really isn't the case. I called a few home daycares (which is what we originally wanted) only to find out a majority of them close down for summer. WHAT? So dumb. We luckily found a "facility" that we like and that will take her right into preschool when the time comes. Something I wont have to worry about looking for in a few years. The negative of the place we found is that they only have part time available right now and they are hoping to have a full time position available in a few months. We decided to jump on it and Courtney will just stay home with Mike on the other two days until that full time position opens up. It will be hard to have her home while I'm working but we can handle it for awhile. Not to mention, part time will save us a little money for awhile. And mo money makes me happy! :)

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Sweet Craftikins said...

So glad to hear and know that everything is "falling" into place.