Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1/4 of a year or 3 months!

Three months already? I only have 273 days until Courtney's first birthday so I should really get started on planning it. I kid, I kid!

She changes so fast these days. A few of her favorite things include:
- Sucking on her hands
- Pulling her legs up and kicking
- She likes to talk a bunch (oohing)
- Tolerates tummy time a bit longer
- Likes sitting up on laps and is trying out her bumbo seat

Enjoy some of her 3 month photos.


Ashley King said...

she looks just like her daddy!

amazing how quickly they change, isn't it??

<3 CMV said...

She's beautiful and growing up so fast!!
P.S. Its never too early to start planning!! ;)